Winesi’s seeing double!

Winesi’s seeing double!

Winesi had his second cataract removed last week and now has full vision in both eyes!

Ophthalmic Clinical Officer (OCO) Madalitso (aka Mada) has been by his side right from the beginning of his treatment…

“Winesi, just like many others, had his second eye sight restored. [Following both operations] Winesi has good vision in both of his eyes. He no longer relies on his wife Namaleta or his children to walk around the area. He is a happy man.”

Mada stole a few minutes to chat to Winesi before his second operation last Wednesday. Here’s what Winesi told him:

“Everything that I was not able to see, I am able to see clearly now. I now have the sense of belonging to my community, a thing that was lacking during the time I was blind.’”

“There is great improvement. I was not able to see anything… I would stay indoors the whole day. Now, without bumping into objects and obstacles I can walk around my village. By the way, I have walked all the way from my home to get my second eye operated here at Mwanza hospital. I have crossed Mkulumadzi river without any trouble. I couldn’t manage such a thing before my first operation. I required guiding and support on the way to the hospital.

“[When I arrived home after the first operation] I saw my son, and I asked, ‘Are you really Frackson? Is this the way you look now?’

“Since he was born, I never had the chance to appreciate how big a boy he has grown into now. I could just see blurry pictures of him, so I saw strange features of my children who had grown up now.

“Everybody was overwhelmingly happy.
They asked me: ‘Are you really able to see again?
I said: ‘Yes I can see.’
‘Are you sure?’
‘Yes for sure,’ I said, because most of my fellow villagers had discouraged me from getting the operation. But I ignored them.

“Now I am very happy, since every task, like gardening and taking care of our goats, was my children’s responsibility. Now I can take care of everything on my own. My wife and children will be hugely relieved of the burden they had in taking care of me now that I have my sight back.

“Should I regain sight in my other eye, it will surely bring an extra level of satisfaction. It is going to be my rebirth. I will be very delighted.”

You can check out some pictures from Winesi’s day below or catch up on Winesi’s journey so far here.


Winesi’s day in pictures

A man walks down a path outside a hospital
Winesi is able to walk by himself to his operation: “I will walk alone, so let me go to the ward, I can see the way.”

A man removes a patient's eye bandage
Mada applies the bandages to Winesi’s eye.

A man points at an eye chart
Mada checks to see if Winesi’s operation was successful.

A man sits and looks at the camera
Winesi looking very pleased after his operation: “I am so happy I have my two eyes back. It feels like resurrection.”


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