Tanzania has a population of around 55 million people, but there are currently only three paediatric ophthalmologists qualified to operate on children with eye conditions like cataracts.

It’s estimated that there are 1.8 million people with visual impairments in Tanzania and 293,000 people who are blind. As you can imagine, the demand for their time is pretty high.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be introducing some of the amazing people we met here, and seeing how one (up to) 60-minute operation can change someone’s life forever…


Dr Paul Nyaluke

Dr Nyaluke has been a qualified ophthalmologist for nine years but three years ago – after witnessing the urgent...

Baraka’s story – A miracle journey

Meet Baraka (pictured), the endearing two-year-old who is adored by all in his village. Baraka loves nothing more than...

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Doug är en välkänd YouTube-personlighet som har valt att bidra med sitt stora inflytande för att öka medvetenheten om vilken enorm skillnad gråstarrskirurgi gör i världens utvecklingsländer. Följ hans dagliga videoblogg från Malawi

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The number of miracles funded is based on the total amount raised so far and an average cost per operation of £30. The number is updated regularly.

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Since 1950 Sightsavers has worked to eliminate avoidable blindness and achieve equality for people with disabilities in the poorest parts of the world. We help blind people to see, prevent others from going blind unnecessarily, and support people to live independently if their sight loss can’t be undone.

A Million Miracles is Sightsavers’ biggest ever campaign to support the work we do.


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