It’s estimated that around 370,000 people in Malawi have low vision (that’s when a person’s sight can’t necessarily be corrected with glasses or contact lenses) and 103,600 are completely blind.

Until recently, Winesi was one of these thousands. You can see step by step as Winesi and his family’s life changed forever following his sight-restoring cataract operation.


Nazondani Mologeni

It’s not often you find yourself saying a miracle has happened to you but that’s just what Nazondani was...

Shahida Hussein

This is Shahida Hussein. She’s blind in her left eye because of a very visible cataract, and the sight...

Emeresi Jasi (Jess)

Jess’s journey to regaining her sight begins with an arduous 10-kilometre trek to a mobile eye clinic in a...

Rose Paolo

Rose is 14 and has had no vision since she was a baby. She is desperate to be like...

Luka Rabson

Being a mum isn’t easy at the best of times, whether it’s dealing with a supermarket tantrum or the...

Francisco Zimanimoto

Francisco (66) lives in a village near Mwanza, along with his wife Melia, four of their five children and...

Beatrice Kangwanga

When we arrive to meet her, Beatrice welcomes us warmly and is pleased to be able to try out...

March Family

Winesi March’s family is a big one. He and his wife Namaleta have 13 children in total, as well...

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14.8 million (2012)

Cataract Surgeons

1 per 1,000,000 people

Visual Impairment

Estimated 370,000 people have low vision and 103,600 are blind.


Approximately 160,000 people have a visual impairment from cataracts.



Doug är en välkänd YouTube-personlighet som har valt att bidra med sitt stora inflytande för att öka medvetenheten om vilken enorm skillnad gråstarrskirurgi gör i världens utvecklingsländer. Följ hans dagliga videoblogg från Malawi

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The number of miracles funded is based on the total amount raised so far and an average cost per operation of £30. The number is updated regularly.

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What is A Million Miracles?

A Million Miracles is Sightsavers’ biggest ever campaign to support the work we do. The campaign aims to fund one million operations that will restore, save and protect people’s sight in some of the poorest parts of the world. A sight-saving operation for an adult costs £30 which means to reach our goal we need to raise £30 million by the end of 2017.

Sightsavers works in some of the poorest countries to eliminate avoidable blindness and, where blindness is irreversible, we work to promote equality and ensure people with disabilities have the same opportunities in life as anyone else.

Your donation will help make this happen. Whether it’s funding the operation itself, getting someone to a doctor, giving children with visual impairments an education, providing support to families affected by blindness – by giving your support today you’re changing people’s lives.

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/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/UK-AID-Donations_flag-RGB_white_5px.pngFrom 9th October 2017 to 9th January 2018 the UK government will match your donation, enabling us to provide two miracles for every one you fund. The matched funds raised through UK Aid Match will support our projects in Pakistan and Bangladesh.


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