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A 15-minute sight-restoring operation costing £30 changed Laurinda’s life forever. See how your support has made a difference. #MillionMiracles

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What is A Million Miracles?

A Million Miracles is Sightsavers’ biggest ever campaign to support the work we do. The campaign aims to fund one million operations that will restore, save and protect people’s sight in some of the poorest parts of the world. A sight-saving operation costs £30 which means to reach our goal we need to raise £30 million by 2017.

Sightsavers works in some of the poorest countries to eliminate avoidable blindness and, where blindness is irreversible, we work to promote equality and ensure people with disabilities have the same opportunities in life as anyone else.

Your donation will help make this happen. Whether it’s funding the operation itself, getting someone to a doctor, giving children with visual impairments an education, providing support to families affected by blindness – by giving your support today you’re changing people’s lives.

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You can give sight to someone like Laurinda

One month, one miracle, one new life

Last month we met Laurinda. A single mother who lost her sight from cataracts four years ago. Laurinda let us into her life and gave us a glimpse of what living with blindness in a developing country is like. It wasn't ...

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These people lost their sight for a day…

The start of a new life

We’ve just waved off a beaming Laurinda, Aida, Telma and Antonietta from Ribaue Hospital. They’ve spent the past few days here because Laurinda underwent a second cataract operation yesterday; this time on her left eye. The pure joy on her face ...

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What miracles are made of…

Saying goodbye

Dr. Gerald Msukwa

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